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How It All Began

HitKaAri's journey began with the remarkable wedding of Hitesh and Arishma, an event celebrated for its seamless execution, innovative approach, and significant cost efficiency. The couple's hands-on management led to a successful celebration, marked by over 150 vendor interactions, extensive logistical arrangements, and a uniquely curated menu, all achieved at nearly 60% less cost than comparable weddings.

Drawing from their strong backgrounds in tech, operations, and strategic partnerships, Hitesh and Arishma implemented automation and six-sigma level precision in their wedding planning, from automated guest logistics to meticulous vendor coordination.

The overwhelming positive feedback from 130+ testimonials and the encouragement from vendor partners, now our cherished "partners," inspired the inception of HitKaAri. Our foundation is built on the innovative ideas and operational excellence that characterized our own wedding, and we're dedicated to bringing the same level of detail, creativity, and efficiency to your special day. HitKaAri is more than a company; it's a testament to what love, teamwork, and innovation can achieve.

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Our Passionate Experts

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Arishma Datta & Hitesh Hinduja

Co-founders, HitKaAri

+91-9819667735 / +91-9663864411

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We are open Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 11 pm.

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